Tennis: The sport of Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck

Hi, there, what’s up? I hope you all are doing great. Baseball is the national game of the USA. But there are many popular games that people love to play around. Soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis, and many more are one of them. One of them originated in French and then became famous worldwide. Yes, you got it correct. That game is lawn tennis. So, in today’s write-up, you will capture as much as possible about your next favorite sport, tennis. Are you ready to hit the ball? Common.

Because it’s a game that originated in French, it might have a long history. During the 12-13th century, tennis came into the limelight. But it was different from the present game system. Earlier, it was called the “Game of the Palm”. After so many transitions, this game became today’s lawn tennis. So, lawn tennis is simply the game of a racket and ball. And, of course, there will be a net between the two players. Usually, four players are also seen. This game is a modern one. With time and fashion, this indoor and outdoor game changed a lot. Earlier, there was a set of color codes for balls, rackets even players. But now it’s all new with a new spirit. And that makes the game even more trendy. International Tennis Federation (ITF) set the game standards. Lawn tennis takes place in International-national level, in clubs, college competitions, etc.

Now, what are the thumb rules for this physically demanding outdoor game? Let’s take a quick view at that.

Starting with a toss: Like any other game, there is a neutral person, and that is an umpire. He will toss the coin for the players. Whoever wins the toss will decide how to start the game. Either he will be the server or receiver on any tennis court side.

Serving: There are different types of serving in the tennis game. You need to throw the ball upward and hit it with the racket for good service. The ball cannot touch the ground and must cross the net and reach the opposite server. In this way, the game begins.

How to win a point in tennis?

Albert Dweck

Winning a point in tennis is quite tricky. It depends on the bouncing of the ball. The server and receiver are continuously moving the racket to win. In this game stage, the ball’s bouncing plays a vital role. How come? If you hit the ball and then the ball bounces twice, you will score a point. It’s a scenario of a single match between two players. The game between four players, I mean a double match, also follows the same rule.

What will you need to play tennis?

A ball: The ball’s color is mostly white and yellow. The ball’s weight should be within 56- 59.4 grams, and the diameter should be within 6.5-6.8 centimeters. These are ITF standards, and any game should follow these standards.

Rackets: Of course, the racket also got some set of standards. You need a racket 73.6 cm long and 31.7 cm in width. However, the outer body is steel and has a definite shape. The middle portion is of nylon strings. Comes in a crisscross and interwoven pattern. However, the important one is the handle. The players should be comfortable enough to hold it with the best grip.

Tennis court: The court should be rectangular shaped. Standards are set according to single match and double match. The length of the tennis court is the same for the single and double matches, but the width is different. The court will be 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. But for a double match, the width would be 36 feet, and the length is still 78 feet.

What are the healthy sites for tennis?

Well, as it’s a laboring game, so it does so much good to your health. Albert Dweck, the owner of Duke Properties, enjoys this sport a lot in his leisure time. Because:

  • It’s a social game and engages people through healthy competition.
  • Age is not a factor; from teen to old, anyone can enjoy this game
  • This sport helps to reduce your body fat and make a healthier version of yourself.

There are some great quotes about tennis. Some say it’s not a physical game and admire it as a mental exercise. Albert Dweck also loves to hit those quotes. For him, tennis is always a social game. That’s a match for his business as well. Perhaps he loves to make the best winning strategy for his property management company. So, his favorite sport describes him more.

Being the founder of Duke Properties, NYC- Albert Dweck always has to be conscious of the trending real estate note. He follows the public demand and collab this with his business to boom. So, Albert Dweck and his love for tennis can define that winning a match is not about physical strength anymore; it’s all about the mental staff.

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